River Park Residences, Penthouse

Developer: Private client
Services: Interior design, Construction management
Budget: €280,000
Living area: 140 m2

In the River Park luxury residential and commercial building, containing a Kempinski Hotel and the Zion Spa among others, our client's wish was for an extravagant apartment on the banks of the Danube, with a fascinating 140 m² living area providing a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere. The exclusive furniture and fixtures with their sculpted lines offer an exciting contrast to the  bronze-hued details and textures of the walls. The ensuing extravagant character is underlined by unique views over the Danube, where natural sunlight sparks innumerable reflections from the surface of the Danube into the room. As a special detail, the interface of the bathroom and bedroom was designed so that the bedroom is visually extended by a bronze-toned shower. Our architects conceived and designed every room and provided support throughout the tendering process and the execution of the construction.