The advantage of secure know-how

Knowledge of relevant data is particularly important for building structures and technical facilities, where the structural stability or operational reliability can be adversely affected by various influences. In addition, immissions can have detrimental health effects or pose serious nuisances that should be avoided. To avoid problems, the experts at BLUHM PARTNER conduct tests with modern methods in order to determine the actual condition of buildings and their facilities.

Structural vibration

Structural vibrations occur, for example, due to road work, blasting, machinery, traffic, or even ringing bells. They can cause damage to building structures, lead to ground subsidence or have a negative effect on people. We perform measurements, analysis and forecasts, and assess whether building structure vibrations are harmful.

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Structural monitoring

Building structures have to be structurally stable at all times. However, their structural safety continuously decreases with increasing age. In the event that structural safety and the suitability of building structures for use have to be permanently monitored, we ensure safety through building structure monitoring of, for example, deformations, cracks and additional factors.

Structural inspection

Inspections of the building structure enable determination of the actual condition of a building structure. Our experts inspect the structural elements and materials with low-damage testing methods e.g. with borings, cores and digging or with non-destructive methods such as radar, ultrasound and thermography. The data obtained serves as the basis for the inventory analysis, renovation and strengthening plans.

Preservation of evidence

In terms of preservation of evidence, we inspect building structures to document defects and damage. Changes to the actual state can thus be recorded, and damage can be documented and attributed to a cause. Any resulting compensation or claims for damage can be safely and appropriately settled out of court.

Vibration measurement

If machines are put into operation or have be checked regularly, vibration measurements are useful to document their operational suitability for continuous use. We carry out the appropriate acceptance tests and regular control measurements, and provide for operational safety.

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Machine monitoring

Machines age, meaning that their dynamic properties can slowly degrade. In the event that the operating status of machines has to be permanently monitored to prepare effective maintenance plans, we ensure operational safety by undertaking the corresponding monitoring of, for example, the machine's vibration and other parameters.

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