Sur Power Plant

Developer: Phoenix Power Company SAOC
Service: Machine monitoring
Budget: USD 1.5 billion

The construction of the power plant in Sur is the largest energy project in Oman. When these latest-generation gas and steam turbines are commissioned, a capacity of 2.000 megawatts will be delivered. The results of non-destructive inspection of the turbine and generator foundations were presented to us for evaluation. In addition, we created a measurement concept for checking the foundations and machine vibrations. Based on this concept, we monitored the machine and foundations vibrations on two machine sets. The results are documented in monthly reports, and evaluated against relevant standards.


Schwingungsmonitoring an Generatoren.
Monitoring und Beurteilung von Fundament- und Lagerschwingungen zweier Siemens Generatoren, Quelle: Bautechnik 90 (2013), Heft 11