Sinntal Bridge

Developer: Northern Bavaria General Directorate of Highways
Service: Preservation of evidence, building structure vibrations
Budget: -

With a length of 770 metres, the 40 year old bridge spanned the Sinntal (Sinn Valley) at Bad Brückenau. Due to increasing weld cracks, as a consequence of metal fatigue brought about by increased heavy transport use, the old bridge had to be replaced by a new construction. Upon the commissioning of the new bridge, the old one was demolished using explosives.

We carried out a technical inspection with regard to safety and demolition planning, and conducted comparative vibration predictions. This stage was followed by further preservation of evidence and vibration measurements on the piers of the new bridge, on the premises and at the small hydroelectric power plant of Stick Paper Mill 1, at the small Sinn Valley bridge and at the Bad Brückenau municipal fountain. The results were documented in reports and expert opinions, and evaluated against relevant standards.


Der König ist tot. Lang lebe der König.
Prognose und Messung von Erschütterungen im Zuge des Sprengabbruchs der alten Sinntalbrücke. Quelle: Bautechnik 91 (2014), Heft 2