Church of St. Elisabeth

Developer: Passau State Construction Office
Service: Building structure vibrations
Budget: -

Because of insufficient space and poor condition, the Church in Elisabethszell was demolished and rebuilt by the Bavarian State in the years 1834 to 1837. The interior of the church was completed in the period from 1870 to 1875. Repair work was carried out in 2012. The church has an indented square bell tower and spire on the north side. There are four bells and vibrations are perpendicular to the nave. The bell frame is made out of wood. The largest bell weighs 1180 kg, while the other bells weigh 670 kg, 470 kg and 270 kg. Vibration measurements and analysis of the bell tower were carried out by us, and the results were documented in an expert report and evaluated against relevant standards.