Basilica of Mariae Himmelfahrt

Developer: Passau State Construction Office
Service: Building structure vibrations
Budget: -

The three-nave basilica in Aldersbach was founded around 1120 by Bishop Otto of Bamberg. A total renovation took place in the years from 1978 up to 1980. Repair work was carried out in 2011. The church has a bell tower on the western side, dating from 1755 and approximately 60.7 m high to the top of the spire. The bell tower walls end at about 40 m and the bell frame is located at 34 m. The bell frame is made out of steel and there are 6 bells.
Bluhm Partner carried out vibration measurements on the bell tower and determined the natural frequencies, the damping and vibration paths, and the vibration speeds. In an expert report, the vibrations were assessed according to standard and recommended design measures (in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland).