Experience helps provide tailored solutions

The engineers at BLUHM PARTNER work alongside the architectural team in the course of the plan's implementation, from the design vision through to the realisation of the built object. Cooperation starts from the outset, with the initial static or dynamic calculations for the implementation of construction, through to the final building acceptance inspection of the construction site. In order to develop the most optimal solution and to be able to meet future requirements, each task's technical possibilities are extensively reviewed with regard to economic efficiency and safety.

Structural design

Building structures have to be designed with structural stability and economic efficiency. Our structural engineers, in close coordination with the architects and the facilities engineers, develop aesthetic support structures made out of modern construction materials, demonstrating their structural stability with static and dynamic calculations and defining construction design details.

Formwork and reinforcement planning

After the compilation of the formwork plan, we pool the information from the plans of the architects, structural engineers and facilities engineers in the form of technical drawings, defining the dimensions and materials of the shell structure. Based on this plan, we develop the reinforcement design for all statically relevant concrete structural components.


With the aid of a feasibility test, our engineers check the technical planning documents to verify if the results are acceptable, reasonable and understandable, or if there are obvious errors. In the event that the planning documents have to be checked for compliance with standards or other defined criteria, we perform the relevant test.

Installation and component planning

Similarly, the planning of prefabricated parts is also based on preliminary plans made by the architects, structural engineers and facilities engineers. Installation planning constitutes the assignment, arrangement and assembly of the individual prefabricated elements. These items, in turn, are addressed by component planning, which constitutes the graphic representation of each prefabricated element with all necessary information.


The technical inspection of a building entails the verification of the correct implementation of the planning directly on the construction site. Among other matters, it includes the approval inspection of the reinforcement in terms of materials used, quantities and reinforcement design. In addition, we examine the design of load-bearing structures with regard to all forms of compliance measures and the proper use of the planned materials.