Banking on creativity

Inspiration and ideas bring visions to genuine life. The architects at BLUHM PARTNER sketch, design and conceptualise spaces, building structures and landscapes from the first pencil stroke up to the final solution. And we never lose sight of the cost of planning, since it ensures the efficient and focused use of creativity. Our goals are designs that are not only convincing but also compliant with the budget.

Principles and concept

A concept is comprised of various steps that build on each other. Principles that we determine, among other things in the course of structured conversations thereby serve as a starting point. The available degree of flexibility and free room for the configuration is thereby derived through the definition of circumstances, prerequisites, objectives and requirements.

Planning and contracting

Based on the concept, we develop a consistent and feasible design plan in close coordination with the client. Further steps include the approval of the plan, and finally its implementation. A bill of quantities serves as the basis for tendering and contracting.

Master plan

With the help of a master plan, we merge the urban and landscape planning strategies, thus making it possible to draw up proposals for action and to develop planning solutions. Here, we operate closely with the heads of the competent public bodies in cities, municipalities or regions, in order to achieve results that are capable of direct implementation.

Interior design

We conceptualise rooms and their fittings under aesthetic and artistic aspects as well as technically based structural aspects. The goal in doing so is to provide people with an individual experience of architecture. To this end, the materials, colours, textures and shapes are selected, and the installation of furniture and fittings are thus harmonised.

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