Petržalka City 1

Developer: Petržalka City a.s.
Service: Basis and Concept, Planning and Assignment, Master plan, Construction management
Budget: €15 million
Area: 20,505 m²

The architecture of the first phase of construction reflects the originality of the location in the city district of Petržalka in Bratislava, adjacent to a recreational area to the south and a very busy main road to the north. The aim was to enable all residents to have an unobstructed view of the water and the recreational zone in the nearby "Chorvatské Rameno". For this purpose, a visual axis was created through the arrangement of the loggias in the recreation area, and the disturbing influence of the main road was ameliorated. The orientation and arrangement of the apartments provides for a diversity that makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of the south and north façades throughout the year. To the east, the asymmetric terraces enliven the architectural volume, arranged in such a way as to provide protection from noise, away from the main road and open to the recreation area. Every storey of terraces is supported by a continuous fork support that lends the objects a striking interior and exterior design. The dynamics and the character of the location are particularly evident in the membrane façade to the west, which gently leads out of the vertical façade line into the horizontal canopies of the terraces and the pedestrian zone. Most notably, the membranes reflect the pulsation of life and the phenomenon of the water, serving to configure the entrance portal to the area.

Our architects realised the building’s design and approval planning as well as planning the execution of the details. We were also commissioned to undertake the tasks of landscape design, artistic construction management, developer consulting, monitoring of the tendering and contracting, and the overall marketing.