Viladom Karldorf, Penthouse

Developer  Private client
Service  Interior design, Construction management
Area  255 m²

At once minimalist and richly detailed, this penthouse residence is set in the beautiful forest surroundings of the Líščie valley, with a view of Bratislava and the Danube. Exposed concrete contrasts with solid organic wood floors, lending the penthouse a touch of modern simplicity. The design of the bathroom with freestanding tubs and sinks, as well as the sculptural modelling of the generous spaces, lends the interior a special touch. The master bedroom and en suite bathroom are connected via a glass sliding door, creating a unique relaxation area which combines maximum privacy with generous access and an exclusive connection with the outdoors, over the terrace. In the outdoor area, a concrete portal was integrated into the façade, offering an architecturally interesting viewing area through its special surface treatment. The portal provides a private retreat area with a Jacuzzi to one side and a comfortable lounge area on the other, all carefully designed to prevent any disturbance from the wind. Relaxing sounds and minimalist lighting lend the outdoor area a welcoming character and combine luxurious living with unparalleled views of the forests of the Líščie Valley and Bratislava. We designed every room, provided support throughout the tendering process, and the execution of the construction.